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Wellamid® MR410 22H-NBK1

Mineral Reinforced Nylon 66

Wellman uses a combination of particulate and fibrous shaped mineral to reinforce nylon 66 for improved dimensional stability and stiffness at elevated temperatures. Injection molded parts using mineral filled nylon can often be painted.

25 - 40% loadings are typical. The addition of mineral to nylon 66 increases the HDT and also reduces cycle time when compared to unfilled nylon.

Specification Sheet Molding Guide Material Approvals
Download Chrysler MS-DB 41 CPN 2228
Delphi DX300187
General Motors GMP.PA66.069, GMP.PA66.060
Chevrolet CMP NY033 BA, CMP NY138 AA
Guide Corp. PMS NY15 (MG2750)